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This is a cross-post from my social media blog ZenGuide, where the post below came out yesterday under the heading “Simple Online Marketing”. I am posting it here as well as I would like to share with you the success stories of some of my Fusion View friends.

You may not have a blog or even a website. How can you market yourself online without these tools? A simple and effective way is to guest-blog on an existing blog run by someone else.

Here are some success stories of a number of people who were guest-blogged on Fusion View.

Case Study - Nicky Harman

Nicky Harman, translates books and novels from Chinese into English. She doesn’t have a website of her own for her books and translations although she is profiled briefly on her work website. I was curious to learn more about the process of translation and asked her to write a first person piece about her translation work and the Chinese author Han Dong whose book Striking Root she was working on at that time - and for which she was looking for an agent and/ or publisher. She produced the article very quickly over a weekend and I had it up on Fusion View the next week.

A few weeks later, I was contacted by a leading publisher in China who had come across the article on Fusion View, asking to make contact with Nicky. I forwarded her email and Nicky started discussions with her about publishing her book. Around the same time, a UK-based literary agent was told about Nicky’s work and Googled her. Up popped Nicky’s article on Fusion View and the agent invited her to submit her manuscript. Go Nicky!

Case Study - Pey

My cousin Pey Colborne is an aromatherapist and poet based in Bath. She doesn’t have her own website for her business. I interviewed her for a podcast on Fusion View, talking about her fusion life and how she uses her Western and Eastern experiences and interests in her poetry - and also in her aromatherapy practice, which incorporates Chinese herbal medicine as well as Western aromatherapy principles. She has gained at least one new aromatherapy client through that podcast - he specifically mentioned it as he had had a choice of therapists and decided on her after hearing more about her practice and healing principles on the podcast.

Case Study - Lucy Luck

I interviewed Lucy Luck, a UK literary agent for advice to writers hoping to find an agent in the UK - and specifically answering emailed questions from overseas writers. She talked about how to submit your work, how to write your covering letter and what agents re looking for. She also invited Fusion View readers/ listeners to submit their writing to her agency. I chatted with her last week and she told me that she has had over 30 submissions from potential new clients, mentioning the Fusion View podcast. The quality of their covering letters and submissions have been much higher than those who had not listened to the podcast, which has made the process of working through them much easier for her. She also feels that the podcast has raised her profile in the search engines, coming up just after her own literary agency website, and also generally for her business as the podcast was also featured in Mslexia, the UK journal for women writers.

Action point

So could you offer an article to a blogger you know? Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • your article needs to be relevant to the theme of the blog you’d like to write for
  • what you write about needs to be helpful, interesting or useful for the readers of that blog
  • read the blog you would like to write for and read the About page
  • think of the blog and its readers as a community that you’d like to be a part of
  • does that blog regularly have interviews/ guestbloggers? If not, will your approach be appropriate?
  • make your approach courteously
  • remember that the blogger does not have to take your idea, so accept “no” gracefully
  • how might you help the blogger in return, as part of his/ her community?

I am always on the lookout for interesting guestbloggers on both Fusion View and ZenGuide - please make sure you read my Guestblogger Submission Guidelines: click on that Category in the far right sidear. Email me first with an outline of what you’d like to write about, who you are and why you think the readers of Fusion View or ZenGuide would be interested in the story. If I like the idea, I can then invite you to write the full story. I may decide it’s not appropriate, in which case, I will let you know.

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7 Responses to “Success Stories”

  1. kak teh Says:

    yang-may, this is really interesting. But I must understand how podcasting works. Am so blur in these areas.

  2. Yang-May Ooi Says:

    Kak Teh, I’ve written a short introduction to podcasting on my tech and social media blog ZenGuide ( - see

  3. kak teh Says:

    Thanks yang-may - am digesting it. and thanks for the email too. kak teh@zaharah

  4. Pey Says:

    Yang May, you are incredibly professional in this work and I have learned so much from you - really, you are my mentor in this field, and my community would be so much poorer without you!

  5. Kenny Mah Says:

    This is so encouraging, Yang-May, for new writers like me who may want to “ply my wares” soon. I believe the Internet, and specifically blogging, can be a most powerful tool in advancing one’s interests, be it business or even one’s career.

    It’s been a really madcap month for me though: my first month in a new job. I hope to start writing consistently again within a few months. Right now though, it’s all about work, with a little time for BodyBalance and blogging in between.

    Is it wrong for me to neglect my “proper” writing this way? Maybe, but it doesn’t feel wrong to me, and I do trust me gut feeling. :D

  6. Silvia Says:

    Nicky’s story is incredible. It really shows the power of blogging. Go Nicky!

  7. Yang-May Ooi Says:

    … and the power of taking part in online conversations, Silvia, even if you don’t have a blog yourself!

    Kenny - good luck with the new job.

    Pey - shucks, you’re too kind!

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