Rolling Music

We had a ski-ing ostrich last week. A few weeks back, we had a man playing music through his nose. Today, we have a man making music with his rollerblades - using strategically placed and tuned bottles of water and something to tied to his blades. Yes, we are very high-brow here on Film Mondays.

(You’ll need your sound enabled to appreciate this one.)



PS. It’s Mozart, in case you were wondering - Symphony No. 40 in G minor.

4 Responses to “Rolling Music”

  1. yeeton Says:

    *Symphony No.40 in G minor - en sol mineur KV 550

    PLAYED ad nauseum at the Seoul Olympiad as background music in case anyone knows or remembers.
    Fortunately was partial to Wolgang Amadeus, so that didn’t bother me too much but would have preferred
    Karl Bohm’s rendition with Berliner Philharmoniker (on
    Deutsche Grammophon) for a superior performance.

  2. Kenny Mah Says:

    We LOVE Film Mondays! :)

    I’m amazed how you managed to uncover all these evidence of kookiness around the world… But so cool…

  3. Yang-May Says:

    yeeton - Mozart seems to go with anything and unfortunately gets used a lot in muzak as well. There’s also Baby Mozart which is meant to help your kids’s be brainier or something. I’m fond of Mozart but sometimes all the populist versions get a bit too much!

    Kenny - thank you for your cheering support. I love funny videos and part of the additional fun with this blog is the mission to find good ones to share with everyone.

  4. yeeton Says:

    ..all the populist versions get a bit too much!

    True, including
    that jazzed-up version on a violin of that young Chinese

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