Twittering Away


I’ve just discovered a new blogging / messaging tool - Twitter, which allows me to post snippets of text via the web, a desktop application or my mobile phone. I have added a Live Updates! board in the middle sidebar to experiment with this tool. The idea is that I can mini-blog from wherever I am so long as I have a PC connection or my mobile phone.

You can see my twitterings page at and subscribe to the feed using a feed aggregator and you can also sign up from there to receive my twitterings on your mobile phone. And if lots of your friends and mine sign up, we can all receive updates of what each of us are doing anytime, anywhere. (Fortunately, you can set it so it doesn’t SMS you in the middle of the night or adjust it so you receive only some - or none - of your friends’ texts as you choose.)

Apparently, Twitter is so popular that the overload of people signing on caused a momentary glitch on their website. You can follow public texts from anyone and everyone on their homepage. News providers like the BBC update regularly with snippets of news. Senator John Edwards who is on a presidential campaign in the US uses it to update his potential voters on where he is and what he’s doing. For ordinary folk, it’s a chance to share our lives online every moment of the day and night that we have the strength and inclination to text.

“I text therefore I am”?

What I would really love to see are Twitterers who can write something interesting or thought-provoking in 140 characters so that I can have something worthwhile to read on my mobile phone - when I’m on the bus or hanging around waiting in between real-life events. So here’s a challenge to all you flash fiction writers and haiku poets, can you Twitter interestingly, uniquely, fascinatingly, challengingly to entertain, bewitch, bedazzle and enthrall the masses on their phones? Let me know if you have such a Twitter account and I’ll feature you on Fusion View!

PS. You can see my first attempt at mini flash fiction at

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3 Responses to “Twittering Away”

  1. Guy Hogan Says:

    That is a challenge. And I thought I was doing something writing flash fiction.

  2. digitalnomad Says:

    Do you still find Twitter useful? It seems like it is time consuming/almost invasive of one’s time.

    I never signed up because I found that the website was annoyingly slow.

  3. Yang-May Says:

    Yes, digitalnomad, twitter can be a bit disruptive. I still find it useful re receiving news updates eg latest developments in the tech world from the tech gurus. I may trim some other contacts and only keep my closer friends so as to retain the more personally meaningful tweets but cull the ones that aren’t relevant for me. I’m posting something up on Zenguide ( later this week about possible business uses for Twitter so you might like to check back there later.

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