Get Your Own Hunky Farmer Now!

We’re not all about high-brow stuff and books here at Fusion View. Ladies, if you want some eye-candy, a pretty boy, a big slab of countryside hunk, we can help you find one.


Just head on over to Beaut Blokes at www. and sign up for a weekend in the stunning Australian landscape with some stunning Australian men.

The strap line for the site is “revitalising rural communities.” It seems that too many smart women are heading off to the cities for big time careers, leaving too many beaut Ozzie blokes in the countryside. The Beaut Blokes events are aimed at bringing the women back to see what they are missing out on - hopefully, they will find the man of their dreams and revitalise the parched countryside.

This is not a solely Australian problem. In China, there are likely to be 30 million single men by 2020 - partly due to the country’s one child policy where many female foetuses were aborted and partly due to many young women preferring to move to the cities for their careers.

In the UK, farmers in Wales will appear on milk cartons with the enticing invitation, “Fancy a Farmer?” with contact details for the ladies to get in touch if he tickles their fancy over their breakfast cereal.


5 Responses to “Get Your Own Hunky Farmer Now!”

  1. Kenny Mah Says:

    Welsh farmers on milk cartons. Right… This is too weird to be anything but true, haha.

    Still, on the first campaign, “revitalising” seems to be a more PC word for “repopulating” eh? And I thought the world population was already out of control?

  2. Pey Says:

    mmm…he’s very freshfaced isn’t he?

  3. Pey Says:

    Graham Norton just had this subject on telly tonight - he got a farmer in the audience and got him to dial up a woman who had messaged him off a milk carton - then he asked really cute welshguy actor Ioan Gruffudd to ask this girl in welsh if she would date the farmer and of course she said yes! Personally, I’d rather have Ioan - but hey, the milk cartons are working!

  4. Sara Says:

    Hey Kenny Mah,

    We don’t worry about political correctness here in the country. We are just trying to keep rural communities alive, so that the over populated city folk can have the milk for their latte sipping!

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