Cats are evil - or lovely?

Here is a video to spark some controversy. If you are a cat-lover, you’ll see cute kitties doing their loveable thang in this video. If you are not so fond of them, you’ll see evil, spitting demons….


This is why I want a kitten …


Which camp are you in?

3 Responses to “Cats are evil - or lovely?”

  1. Tunku Halim Says:

    Luckily, I’ve never been a cat fan!

  2. Pey Says:

    I like cats in theory but would not like to live with one. Fave story as angst teenager: Rudyard Kipling’s The Cat Who Walks By Himself in Just So Stories : ‘I am the Cat who walks by himself, and all places are alike to me. “

  3. David Grantley Says:

    Cats were reckoned to be companions of witches and the devil and the Christian church was against them. In the 14th century they were, I’ve heard, got rid of to stamp out pagan superstition with the result that there was nothing to kill the rats which brought the Black Death (plague)and a quarter or more of the population of Europe died. A relation of mine had a house from the period: under the doorstep they found the remains of a cat buried to ward of evil spirits. That seems to be what lies behind the idea of cats being evil, apart from some people’s fear of them.

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